Most Dashing Phantoms (in costume) 

As requested by anon. 

In no particular order, and purely imo.

  • John Owen Jones
  • Marcus Lovett
  • Hugh Panaro
  • Brent Barrett
  • Ramin Karimloo
  • Jonathan Roxmouth
  • Peter Joback
  • Thomas Bochert
  • Richard Todd Adams
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The Phantom of the Opera - Beauty and the Beast AU

The Phantom sees a beautiful young woman wandering through his halls, but does not realize she can see him too. Christine sees his face and faints, and the Phantom realizes he must keep her locked away with him so she can not tell the villagers of his hideousness. Given full reign of the castle, Christine explores with a curious mind and comes to be more shocked by the beautiful music that flows through the halls than the cursed rose that haunts the Phantom. The rose’s curse puts a deadline on the Phantom: if all of the rose petals fall before he has learned the meaning of true love, he will die alone. The pair bond over the beauty of music and when the Phantom presents his opera to Christine, she responds with a  grateful kiss. The curse is reversed, but not in the way the Phantom hoped. His deformity lives on, but the petals stop falling as he has learned how to love and be loved in return. And so they lived happily ever after, with the power of music as their loving bond.

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Headcanon that Christine brings Erik a small gift one day- just some small trinket- and his lack of reaction leads her to believe that he doesn’t like it. Over time, she realizes that he keeps it with him constantly, and idly holds it all the time. He loves that thing- he’s just not accustomed to being given things, and doesn’t know how to express gratitude.

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Valerie Smaldone speaks with Hugh Panaro, who stars as the Phantom, in the long running mega-hit musical Phantom of the Opera on Broadway. Philadelphia native Hugh has been performing with the show for many years, and is making his exit on May 3, 2014. Find out what Hugh’s other great passion in life is on this edition of “Valerie’s New Jersey.”Plus some great shows coming up at Bergen Pac featured in this podcast. Also, Valerie’s Pick of the week.


all those times sierra’s face did a thing during the 25th anniversary

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Christine Daaé

"That is a pledge that I do not ask of you, and it is a promise that I shall not make you!" spoke the young woman proudly. "I am a free agent, monsieur de Chagny; you have no right to control my actions and I will ask that you desist henceforth. As for what I have done during the past fortnight, there is only one man in the world who would have the right to demand that I give him an account: my husband! Well, I have no husband, and I shall never marry!"

- Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera

awwww you used my translation XD

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Laird Mackintosh, with everybody.

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sometimes I just cry over how heartbroken the Phantom sounds and it just 

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 If I am to be saved it is because your love redeems me.

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