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Christine, I love you

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Laird Mackintosh, ladies and gentelmen.

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flattering child you shall know me


flattering child you shall know me

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"i’m just gonna quickly check tumblr before i go to slee–"



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THE most famous manga based on the Phantom of the Opera story: Operaza no Kaijin by JET. Published in 1989 (the year after Phantom of the Opera musical stage version, the first non-English, was opened in Japan), it demonstrated how smoothly the story can be transformed into comics/manga.

Being at school, JET read The Mystery of Yellow Room by Gaston Leroux, and she loved it a lot and read later more Leroux’s novels. In 1980 she watched movie with Lon Chaney for the first time, and was surprised that the story of the Phantom of the Opera was written by her favorite writer.

Operaza no Kaijin is based on combination of book, movie and musical.
IMHO, it’s one of the great manga masterpieces (and not because it’s the Phantom’s story XD).

You can find the full manga here.

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Poor Erik


Poor Erik

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wishing Hugh were somehow here again

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All I Ask of You (Reprise) + ‘Phantom’ Quotes by Susan Kay

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